We are what we think about.

Welcome to the “I AM” affirmations for health, wealth, happiness, and abundance… 21 days to a new you! There are countless books and studies on how it takes 21 days to break a hobbit or form a new one. Every time you notice a negative thought SNAP yourself and replace it with one of these “I AM’s”. It’s best to work on one thing at a time to see your progress. For example, if your health is a fear or concern right now, then you want to focus on “I AM HEALTHY” or “I AM IN PERFECT HEALTH”, or ” I AM WELL”. Each time you tell yourself you’re afraid of being sick, weak or that something is wrong, instead visualize and feel your healthy body as you repeat these mantras. Snap after Snap, you will feel an ease come over you and you will start believing you are well, safe and vibrantly healthy (remember your immune system is listening). Our own thoughts and words have the most power over us. Believe it and you’ll see it!

REMEMBER: We create our own reality.

As Buddha once said “We are what we think… all that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world, speak or act with an impure mind and trouble will follow". We can begin creating a new and abundant life, by snapping ourselves to uproot old negative beliefs, behaviors and thought patterns. If we snap out of negative self-talk, fear, worry, shame, guilt, anger, lack to name a few we can create the new loving, successful, abundant life we desire!