A stylish reminder to talk nice to yourself

Lovesnap is my love offering, It’s my wish for you to conquer negative self talk, limiting beliefs and behaviors so you can truly soar with ease and confidence!
This tried and true rubber band technique (CBT - Cognitive Behavorial Therapy) has changed my life in both profound and subtle ways. I have been at this work for a lifetime it seems, but for the last 12 years it is been my daily practice. Some days I snap more than others, but the visual reminder and the physical sting have shown me how to be present and catch my negative thoughts before they take hold. My bracelet helps me connect my mind and body, to love and talk nice to myself, and weed out unwanted thought patterns of self-doubt.I can rid myself of fear and\anxiety one snap at a time. It is my wish that we all snap out of the sometimes harsh reality we create in our minds and see how divinely perfect, strong, confident and creative we all are! No thoughts or words are more powerful than the ones we say to ourselves.
Get busy living the rich and beautiful life you deserve.

Get snapping!!! 

Founder,  Christianne Brooks